Getting to know you and where you're taking us.

Tom Potter, the new lead designer for Tabula Rasa, sat down for an interview to let us know a bit about who he is, and where he sees Tabula Rasa heading.

What, in your opinion, is the strongest aspect of Tabula Rasa?

Tom Potter: Hands-down it's the fast-paced nature of combat. Personally, I'm more of an action gamer anyway, so the fast action really suits my play style. We really tried to build upon the advantages of the combat system in such things as the Control Points. For those that aren't familiar with the system, control points are essentially contested where ownership is in a constant state of flux between the Bane and the AFS. When held by the enemy (Bane), players can launch an assault and capture the control point. And once held players have to band together and defend it against wave after wave of Bane assaults. That's really the essence of our vision - keep the combat fast and furious - so constantly working on things to improve that aspect. Currently we're hard at work on clan-owned Control Points that really expand upon this idea. The team is very excited about it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016