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J. Allen Brack, Senior Producer for both BC and WotLK recently gave an interview on many topics, including the role of Arthas in WothLK.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from launching The Burning Crusade?

JAB: I think the biggest thing we took away was that Illidan (Burning Crusade's lead baddie) was meant to be an all-pervasive evil that you'd fight against and eventually defeat, but I don't think that came across to the average player.

Most players just did their quests and never really thought about him. That's one of the big changes we want to make to Lich King. We're going to push Arthas right in front of players - so they understand why he's a big threat. In Lich King, Arthas will appear to players at level 71, level 75 and level 80.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016