Set for release in the first quarter of 2010, All Points Bulletin (APB) is a persistent world shooter that pits enforcers against criminals in a high octane urban playground. The game gained serious traction at E3 2009 last month thanks to an impressive demo featuring gorgeous graphics truly deserving of the HD distinction, novel gameplay, and a just-announced distribution deal with Electronic Arts.

We sat down with Realtime Worlds’ Chris Dye to crack our enforcer knuckles for the first time, learning more about the unparalleled customization options and how the timeless battle between cops and robbers will play out in APB.

From the interview:

While its fairly easy to understand missions from a criminal point of view, say, a bank heist or stealing a car, what’s an example of an enforcer mission? “Escorting a VIP to a location, patrolling the streets, being on the lookout for crimes, escorting armored trucks to the banks... all the things that you’d expect a law enforcement person to do.” Enforcers might build notoriety (the game’s formal system for ranking players - APB has no levels) by witnessing a crime, but may or may not get the “APB” - the actual assignment to pursue the criminal. If your notoriety grows really high, the game will send more of the opposing faction to stop you on your next mission and even create “assassinate” type missions, where you are the target in a certain area. “So you could end up in a situation where you’ve got twenty enforcers after you,” Chris laughed.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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