Join RadarX as he tours the new adventure pack, The Fallen Dynasty in a quest to find Godzilla. Learn what awaits you on the island, and get a peek at a couple screenshots.

Like many other sites, we were given a PR tour of the new adventure pack by Blackguard and Raijinn. Unlike some of those people in attendance, I actually had been tooling around the beta on Test. My search for Godzilla began in the very cool Village of Shin. Why Shin got an entire village to himself, I do not know, but I bet listening to the teachers in the town would answer many of your questions. In the tradition of all good Kung Fu movies we saw a master coming down to train his students. I peered around many buildings expecting to the see the giant foot of Godzilla but I was disappointed at every turn. The architecture of the village, however, is amazing. I was momentarily disappointed in a few buildings that had no interior but a thought occured to me. What a great place for player housing! Perfect vacation homes! I could hint harder, but it would involve me taping suggestions to rocks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016