A day without a WAR interview is like a day without sunshine.

Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer from Mythic just got a pair of blue boots for his Warhammer Online level 15 Witch Hunter in RvR, what have you been up to today? In an audio interview with Xav de Matos of Joystiq, Jeff discusses what the crew is up to now that the game has launched. The staff is apparently "ecstatic" with the results of the smooth launch and are now banging away at bugs. All of the fun out the way, Jeff discusses how important it is for the two tank classes to get back into the game. He says they are high on the priority list, but of course won't provide dates for their reinstatement. He must be playing in the same areas I am where tanks are about as prevalent as female orcs (in case you were wondering, there are no female orcs in the game).

Jeff does address one of their "top three issues" which is the login issue for some Aussie players because the login architecture is actually on another continent. Jeff says this specific issue and others like it are being addressed in an ASAP manner. Another topic discussed is the technical scaling of the game. According to Jeff, the game scales well across dual core but doesn't need a quad core CPU. Also, a dual processor GPU is not needed as much as dual core CPU.

The focus is now on expansion (they have had four people on pre-production for three months) and improving the quality of the game like stability and bugs. Stay tuned for those game-quality improvements and head over to Joystiq for the rest of the interview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016