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runs deep in those
that play World of Warcraft. Many of the millions of players who
frequent the game are talented artists, musicians, writers, or even
sculptures. It comes as no surprise then that many of these players
take their love of WoW and incorporate it into their work. From this a
plethora of impressive works have stemmed forth, from music videos to
epic stories, all based upon the game we all play and love.

While everything that those
with extra gifts produce should be taken into account and appreciated,
musical parodies will always be my personal favorite. Usually done to
inspire humor, musical parodies are created by taking already (usually
well-known) musical work and changing certain aspects of it to make it
almost, but not quite new. Musical parodies are not to be confused with
other works that are wholly new and original creations, re-using the
music is essential here.

Still unsure as to what
qualifies as a musical parody or just wondering how exactly WoW fits
into all of this? No problem! Below you will find 5 of my personal
favorite WoW musical parodies for your viewing pleasure. Sure to
inspire more than a few lawls and perhaps even some head bobbing, new
and old, these musical parodies are the stuff that WoW dream
soundtracks are made of.

href="" target="_blank">Truth
About Murlocs

So ugly they are cute, the
Murloc is one of the most loved and hated characters found inside
Due to the love/hate relationship most players have with the Murlocs,
it stands to reason that at least a few songs would be inspired by
these fearsome sea loving critters. While many have made the valiant
effort to capture the essence of the Murloc in song, it was not until
the Truth about Murlocs was released that the nature of these crafty
fish like being was truly unveiled.

Parodied from “The Rainbow Connection”, a song sung by the infamous Kermit the Frog in The Muppet Movie, the song has lost none of its charm despite the change in lyrics and theme. Created by DarkPippi with machinima by RavenSylphe the Truth about Murlocs has catchy lyrics that easily fit the music and simple in-game graphics that perfectly suit this song and compel the viewer to sing along. The best part of the video however, is the creators brilliant decision to keep the Kermit the Frog sounding voice giving this video just the right combination of Muppet goodness and WoW inspired hijinks.

You may find yourself wondering what could be better than Kermit the Frog crooning about Murlocs? The truth is, just about nothing. For this reason this video with its Muppety feel good charm and wit has been granted entrance to my top five all time favorite WoW parodies.

Run This Raid

Straight from the depths of the talented artists at College Humor comes Run This Raid, an upbeat and fun song centered around one of WoW player’s favorite pastimes; raiding. Based on the song Run This Town featuring Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kayne West, Run This Raid, manages to transform this popular song into a WoW based creation that could be argued is better than the original. With talented rappers found throughout, these artists set up the raid scene beautifully while throwing in more than a few humorous puns and game related humor throughout sure to bring a smile to even the most stoic WoW player’s face.

While the song itself is a star on its own, this parody gets even better if you take a minute and enjoy the video combined with it. A perfect fit for the song, each of the “characters” in the video takes on a new persona in the video and transforms into their toon of choice inside Azeroth. Creative and funny, Run This Raid is a must watch when it comes to the universe of WoW parodies. This video cannot be embedded so please click the link above to view this video in all its glory. 

Guilty Concience

Guilty Conscience showcases some of the best known talents in the world of WoW parodies; Gigi, Quixotic, and Abandonation. Combining their formidable abilities to take on Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Guilty Conscience”, these three artists have hit a home run. The song follows three characters as they are placed in three humorous, but all too real in the WoW world, situations that force them to make a difficult decision. As they sit and ponder their conscience (both good and bad sides) comes into play and a battle of wills and much hilarity ensues.

While this video is clearly made to be humorous, most WoW players will find enjoyment in the fact that the issues brought to light here are real in game situations that many of us have found themselves in before. Be warned though that the language found in this musical parody is far from PG so be sure to view with caution.


If you haven’t heard the musical styling’s of Ember Isolte yet, then you have been missing out. Combing a great voice and fun and witty lyrics this Draenei is the real deal when it comes to WoW parodies. In Boomkin Ember takes on one of the most well known and LOL inducing characters inside WoW; the Druid Moonkin. Set to the tune of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”, Boomkin is a catchy, fun, and upbeat song that reflects the creators bubbly personality. This song will not only make those who actually play the Moonkin proud, but will also inspire others to play this often underrepresented Druid spec. Sure to be caught in your head for days, Boomkin is a WoW parody that you cannot afford to miss out on.

Retarded Flying Lion

If you are looking for a video that has a good chance of actually making you laugh your socks off, Retarded Flying Lion is it. Set to the tune of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, this video is another epic creation by the legendary Myndflame. Complete with its very own chicken chorus this video pokes fun at the Winged Guardian Blizzard Store mount. Combine this with the uber funny accompanying video (complete with its very own chicken chorus), Myndflame has managed to hit a home run with Retarded Flying Lion. The only downfall of this WoW parody is the rather controversial word found in the title and throughout the song. It is up to you, the viewer, if this choice of wording ruins this video for you or not.

What are some of your favorite WoW based musical parodies? Be sure to share them with the entire Ten Ton Hammer community using the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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