How do you duel other players in a game with flight and other travel powers? Why is player vs. player combat (PvP) relevant in an MMO where every player is, to some degree, a good guy? Champions Online Producer Rob Overmeyer and PvP Designer James Laird tell us explore these questions and tell us all about what makes player vs. player combat unique in Champions Online, before getting to the heart of the matter: how best to kick other players in the tights in Champions Online PvP!

James Laird: "I really like our latest UTC map, which hasn’t hit beta yet. It just looks completely awesome. Lava, lava everywhere. For people with knockback, it’s going to be beautiful. Disrupting flight over the lava, too - it’s going to be fun. That’s the 31 to 40 UTC tier - I don’t want to do that to people that are just learning PvP. I’m not that sadistic"

Rob Overmeyer: "It was so hard for us not to make it competely over-the-top. I think some of us - me - were like, ‘We should have lava spurts..."

James: "Ones that grab you and punch you in the face and make you explode!’ (laughter)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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