Paid powerleveling: Don't think you can drop your cash and walk away-- Your emotional roller-coaster ride is just starting.

While Ten Ton Hammer takes a firm stance against powerleveling and gold buying services, this article was just too interesting not to report on. Join the anonymous author at Kotaku in a three-part feature story as he discusses his experiences with purchasing a power-leveling service for World of Warcraft.

It was after I quit World of Warcraft that I made the decision to powerlevel.

Not me personally - that would defeat the purpose. The whole point of powerlevelling is for someone else to do it. They do the hard work, you reap the rewards. Even if those rewards aren't exactly tangible or alluring to the opposite sex.

Continue reading the gripping tale at Kotaku, and then join the discussion on our boards. Ultimately, the article seems like a great cautionary tale of why not to engage in this kind of activity, even if you don't get caught.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016