Kung Foo is Perfect World Entertainment's cure for the serious MMO, mixing raw hilarity, pop culture references, and pure geekitude with a complete MMO experience. From the article:

"We're targeting adults, especially the anime crowd. We'll throw out references that kids can get, but adults can view in a slightly different way. " Craig noted. "I'm not very ESRB friendly, " Devin joked, "but I can be when asked to be, so we're doing the flyover jokes that hopefully the kids won't notice and the grownups will go, 'Wait...'"

Noted writer Devin Grayson join Perfect World's Craig Beers and Jason Vardon to reveal a host of information about this cheeky subscription-free MMO in development with Kung Foo for Beginners: An Interview with Devin Grayson and Perfect World.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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