MayDay, Desert Heat and Real World Issues in MMOs

It’s MayDay! The day that for me means that Spring is really here, Summer just around the corner and all the things that go with it. Kids home from school, picnics by the pool, scorching heat and more heat! Did I mention that I live in Las Vegas? Smack in the middle of the desert? Yeah well…me and my air conditioner are buddies let me tell you…

Today across America, there were protests claiming the need for more rights for those here in this country illegally, and for immigration reform. While I am not against reform, I do have an opinion that I will not bore you with here. It did start me thinking about the virtual “illegal immigrants” that cause havoc in our beloved gaming worlds who are as real as those in our cities.

Who do I mean? Why the secondary marketers of course! They illegally infiltrate the worlds of various MMOs and set up shop. Before you know it the in game economies are all askew, players are harassed by farmers, and the world slowly starts a spiral that leads to players leaving the world for greener pastures.

Sure, people argue that there is a service provided for those that don’t have time to play the game and get the items on their own. But this leads to the question of why are you paying real currency for things in a game you don’t have time to play? Is it a weird adult version of playing with dolls?

Agree? Disagree? Think I am off my rocker? Speak up! Email me or better yet speak out on our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016