Sell offline from your house vault, enjoy new quest paths, and lots of spells fixed!!

Posted by Moorgard April 6, 2005 4/6/2005 7:00 AM

*** Headlines ***

- Sell your merchandise when your character is outside your home or offline!
- New quest paths available for adventurers in many outdoor zones!
- Crafting even more rewarding with new tradeskill reaction bonuses!
- Zone maps now show where other members of your group are located!
- Crafted food now gives handy stat buffs!
- Many instanced adventure areas are now even more accessible!
- Now you can raise your harvesting skills twice as fast!
- Potions now give you longer-lasting benefits!
- Lots of new UI improvements and customization options!
- Hundreds of spell/combat art fixes and updates!
- Breaking news: A terrible plague infects Norrath!

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