Gamespot has put together an interesting Q&A with Tabula Rasa Producer Starr Long discussing various aspects of the impending launch. Starr talks about mission completion times, the first expansion, and much more in this interview.

GS: What aspects of the game do you think will resonate most with beginners or more casual players? What aspects will appeal most to hardcore players?

SL: For casual players, I think the ease of use of the game will have some appeal. You can get in the game, start shooting stuff, and feel like a hero quickly.

For the hardcore players, the clan warfare and crafting system, plus the decisions you need to make in the game--in ethical parables, strategies for fighting enemies (like cover), weapons (weapon and damage types), and moment-to-moment gameplay decisions--will provide them with what they need to keep enjoying the game even after a significant time investment. Later in the game, things like cover become more important, so there will be a lot of decisions to make and strategies to try out.

Head on over to Gamespot for the entire Q&A.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016