Mir 3, satellite or MMO?

The Legend of Mir 3 beta is officially over.

"CARY, N.C.— March 31, 2006, - iEntertainment Network, (BB:IENT.pk), a publisher of award-winning online titles and the developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series, announces today that Legend of Mir 3, a famous Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, launches a brand new Episode of Legend of Mir 3 - Unlimited Bloody Battle! with new quests, new maps, and new minigames as the game goes live for Online Play on April 3, 2006!

With a very successful Beta period now completed, IENT and WeMade launch Legends of Mir 3 live for online play by adding a variety of new features including the new episode, Unlimited Bloody Battle! Legends of Mir 3 also contains new game maps for Bichon Wall Field, the Numa Wall Siege and the new Ash Stratum Cave, a new minigame (Mircraft), and a new quest. Full details can be found at - http://forums.lom3.com/patchnews/

A special April Fools Event is also being held from today, Friday March 31st through Thursday, April 6th. The event starts at 7pm USA Eastern Standard Time each night. (00.00 Greenwich Mean Time) and runs for 12 hours each night.

Over 1 million players worldwide are active in Legends of Mir 3 and the game has been praised for its ease of entry, its well-balanced game play, and the many and varied activities players can accomplish in the Legend of Mir 3 worlds. The web site for IENT's Legend of Mir 3 servers and the place to sign up for this fun MMORPG is http://www.LOM3.com/.

About iEntertainment Network

iEntertainment Network, Inc. (BB:IENT:pk) is a leading provider of online entertainment communities and publisher of online and retail games. WarBirds 2006, IENT's premiere massively multiplayer flight simulation software, which plays on both PCs and MAC computers, has won numerous awards around the world for "Best Online Simulation Game" and attracts players from over 70 countries. A more complete description of WarBirds 2006 and all of the TotalSims games can be found at http://www.totalsims.com."

It can't be all bad if they are holding an April Fools Event.

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