Every time you turn around, it seems like a different MMOG studio is
being honored with a digital art award. This time around, the artists
behind SOE's beautiful Legends of Norrath card art have been honored by
having multiple illustrations featured in style="font-style: italic;">EXPOSÉ 6, a
digital art book featuring the world's best digital illustrations. As
always, Ten Ton Hammer is on the scene with the pieces of artwork that
made it into the book!

style="font-style: italic;">SAN DIEGO, CA – June
9, 2008 – Six original pieces of artwork showcasing the epic
fantasy characters from the EverQuest® franchise online trading
card game Legends of Norrath™ are featured in the prestigious
EXPOSÉ 6 digital art book hitting store shelves this week,
Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced.

The illustrations by multiple distinguished SOE artists will be
included in the video game section of the latest EXPOSÉ
book. The annual compilation showcases the finest digital art in a
variety of fields, including games, digital illustration, television
and 3D.

The included SOE art pieces were selected from thousands of entries by
an international committee of artists with professional backgrounds in
a variety of disciplines.

Joe Shoopack, director of Artistic Development, Sony Online
Entertainment, said the company’s artistic talent is
reflected in the fact that no other video game company has more pieces
of art featured in the book. “We are flattered that some of
our art is being viewed as some of the world’s
best,” Shoopack said.

The selected SOE pieces are:

• Legends of Norrath “Mayong Mistmoore” by
Derek Herring

• Legends of Norrath “Oathbound” by Clint
Langley, Rob Tepper, Deanna Dolph and Lagi Apostolou

• Legends of Norrath “Gnoll High Shaman”
by Patrick Ho

• Legends of Norrath “Play Dead” by Roel

• Legends of Norrath “Queen Cristanos
Thex” by Derek Herring

• Legends of Norrath “Ariseph, Mistress of
Verse” by Derek Herring

“The EXPOSÉ series is an annual snapshot of the
world’s best digital art, and we’re very grateful
that companies like Sony Online Entertainment allow their artists to
promote their amazing work in our books,” said Daniel P.
Wade, co-publisher of Ballistic Media. “The standard of
entries for EXPOSÉ 6 was exceptionally high, and
it’s a testament to Sony Online Entertainment that so many of
its artists were featured this year.”

EXPOSÉ 6 can be ordered online at href="http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/expose/expose_6/">http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/books/expose/expose_6/
or purchased at select retail store locations found at href="http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/locations/usa.php">http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/locations/usa.php.

New Legends
of Norrath

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016