A Preview of LEGO Universe Live from NetDevil

As one of the highlights of the NetDevil Open House, Cody "Micajah" Bye relays the information Ryan Seabury dispensed concerning LEGO Universe at the Colorado-based company's event. The interview / preview discusses child safety, character customization, and whether NetDevil has a playable version of the upcoming game or not. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming LEGO-based MMOG!

At the outset, it's pertinent to point out that LEGO Universe will be a MMOG – a massively multiplayer online GAME – and not just a virtual world. NetDevil is working hard to bring gameplay elements into the world and they don't want people simply existing in a world of LEGOs. Seabury specifically stated that this was a fact because he did not want people assuming that they would simply be wandering around a LEGO environment. "LEGO knows their brand and we know gaming," Seabury stated. "We sent them our ideas for an online LEGO game, and they were happy with what they saw."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016