For many North American MMORPG players,  style="font-style: italic;">Lineage is the
unfamiliar sibling of Lineage
. Released ten years ago in Korea, style="font-style: italic;">Lineage remains a
cash cow for NCsoft globally and still maintains a 100K concurrent user
range in Korea. In comparison, EVE
recently broke the 50k CCU mark this year. For
those of us unfamiliar with the world of style="font-style: italic;">Lineage, players
don't choose any races, and instead choose to be a gallant knight, a
resourceful wizard, a crafty elf, a cunning dark elf, or a revered
prince or princess. 

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In an attempt to revitalize the Lineage
franchise and stick with their recently touted AAA MMO ideals, NCsoft
West is hard at work and will be adding more content to the
game in an upcoming update in April. While a third of the latest
content upgrade, Espisode U, is already in the game, the rest of the
content is brand new brand new, marking only a three month gap between
the most current version being played in Korea and client version in
the U.S.

To unveil their content updates to North American audiences, the NCsoft
West Lineage
dev team called on Ten Ton Hammer to spread the word and showcase the
list of upcoming game additions. This is an exclusive sneak peek at ALL
the features being updated in Episode U, so don't miss out and make
sure you direct interested individuals to Ten Ton Hammer!  

Pet Competitions

  • Pet PVP Matches
    • Now you can test your pet against your friends’
      pets to see which one is stronger!
    • Prizes exist for the pets who win the matches after
      paying entry fees to participate.
    • Pets must be level 5 or greater in order to participate.
    • Pets cannot be controlled once they are in the ring, it
      is up to them!
  • Pet Racing
    • Up to 10 players at a time can race their pets around the
      new pet racing arena to win prizes.
    • Speed boosts and traps that will transform a player into
      various animals are spread throughout the arena.

Haunted House

  • The Haunted House is a non combat maze where you must find
    the prize while carefully avoiding the traps throughout!
  • If you’re lucky, you may find a rare quest item
    as a reward for being the first to find the prize.
  • The more people that enter the race, the better your
    chances will be at obtaining a nice item.


  • Fished items have different uses.  Some items will
    act like
    potions when consumed whereas others may be materials or items used for
    other purposes.
  • You can even catch items that you can wear!
  • You will need bait and a fishing pole in order to
    fish.  Fishing can only be done in the fishing pond.
  • Speak to the young boy in Gludin if you wish to travel to
    the fishing pond.


  • There are two different level cook books that can be
    obtained from merchants and from monster drops. 
  • Food ingredient merchants can be found in Aden, Gludin, and
  • Enhance your stats, regen, experience gain, and more!

Magic Dolls

  • Six types of magical
    dolls can be created through completing cooking tasks, fishing tasks,
    and winning a Haunted House race.
  • Magic Dolls follow you
    around and grant magical abilities upon your character.
    • Crustacean Magic Doll – Inflicts an additional
      15 damage approximately 3% of the time.
    • Elder Magic Doll – Restores 15 MP every ~60
    • Stone Golem Magic Doll – When one receives
      damage from a monster, this damage is decreased by 15, 4% of the time.
    • Succubus Magic Doll – Restores 15 MP every ~60
    • Werewolf Magic Doll – Inflicts an additional 15
      damage approximately 3% of the time.
    • Bugbear Magic Doll – 10% weight reduction for
      the items that you carry.

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Ant Cave Dungeon

  • 6 entrances and 10 floors of expanded dungeon space can be
    found in the new Ant Cave Dungeon.
  • Ants from level 12 all the way to level 50 reside in the
    new caves.
  • Ant eggs can be found throughout the caves containing
    either a reward or a dangerous trap!


Death Matches

  • Test your PVP skills in the new Death Match games.
  • Speak to Datu or Kusan in Gludin Village if you wish to
    test your PVP skills against other players.
  • Death matches will begin as soon as 5 players have gathered.
  • Up to 20 players at one time can battle against each
    other.  The last man standing is the winner!


Crystal Cavern Updated

  • The first floor of
    Crystal Cavern is a haven for solo players that are level 47 or higher.
    • Frozen monsters encased in ice will break through their
      ice if they are damaged.
  • An evil Ice Demon boss
    resides on the second flood with his Ice Queen on the third.
    • Kill all monsters in the room to obtain a key to the next
    • A new Ice Queen earring has been added and can be
      upgraded with ice crystals that are dropped by the bosses.


Misc. Changes

  • New mail system
    • Aden now has mailboxes that can store up to 20 letters,
      50 clan letters, and 10 saved letters at a time.
  • Castle mercenaries have
    been revamped
  • New clan hall decorations
    • Zeint in Gludin Village has new items for sale including
      cake, a water fountain, and a flower vase.
    • Phyllis in Gludin Village has new stuffed animals
      available at her taxidermist shop.
  • Many two handed weapons
    have been improved.
  • Heine and Eveln Dungeons
    have been revamped.
  • New teleporter NPCs have
  • Royals now have access to
    mounts which enable them to travel at faster speeds.
  • More housing added.
  • Increased storage space
    • You can now store up to 150 items!
  • New Alliance system
    • Face another clan leader and type /allyjoin to form an
    • Siege together with your new ally and communicate with
      them using the ~ command for alliance chat.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016