More Chronicles than Rush...

Adam Davidson tells Laura Genander of about all the interesting things coming to Lineage II with the next large update, including the Demon Sword Zariche - a one-per-server weapon that can drop from any mob and remains with you until your killed or a timer expires. So will high level folks will gank low level mobs relentlessly to improve the chances of a drop? Probably, unless some mechanic discourages this behavior.

Chronicle 4 remains our largest Chronicle to date, but Chronicle 5 is right on its heels, perhaps in some ways bigger. Many of the facets focused on in Chronicle 5 are more systemic, such as the clan improvements and class balancing efforts. In this expansion we’ve revitalized multiple systems that both appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans. So that, plus new lands, new castles, new contestable clan halls, new monsters and all the other things players expect from a Lineage II Chronicle, means this one is pretty huge in impact. I really think this expansion will be great for the western markets.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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