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Lineage II players
absolutely love their pets. They are useful companions in the lands of
Aden, able to conduct a varied series of attacks, use special skills,
and more, all in aid of the player. In addition, pets can go through a
series of evolutions, earning new abilities and becoming much more
powerful with each step. Pets only have a few downsides—they
lose some experience upon death and must consume a quantity of food
before they grow hungry and ineffective, but overall to players they
are a boon.

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A pic of the Fenrir

Since Chronicle 2 we've been slowly improving the pet system, added a
new type of pet here, a new layer of evolution there. With the release
of Hellbound we've expanded the pet system even more, with benefits
that will help most players in one way or another. Those that have a
Wolf as a pet can evolve it normally into a Great Wolf once it gets to
level 55, and then further evolve it into a Fenrir if it’s
above level 70. The Fenrir is the third evolutionary stage of the basic
Wolf and offers many powerful skills and special attacks. Players can
upgrade their pets through the Pet Manager NPCs in most towns; these
Pet Managers also have a pet raising guide and other useful tips
they’d be more than willing to share.

Fenrirs are also special because players can use them as
mounts—when summoned, they can climb on the pet and use it in
battle. Previously, Striders were the only common mountable pet (clan
leaders who controlled castles could summon and mount Wyverns, but that
is a special case). Besides looking cool, there are some real tangible
benefits to mounting a pet. The owner will assume the same attack power
as well as speed of the mount in question. The Fenrir doesn't have to
be mounted of course, it can attack and defend its owner on its own
quite well.

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Here's a Baby Buffalo!

Speaking of clan leaders, players that are members in a clan also have
further advantages to being Great Wolf (or Strider) owners. Players can
specially evolve these pets into Great Snow Wolves or Red Striders, and
even a Snow Fenrir. These clan-based pets have access to more unique
skills, which sets them apart from ordinary pets. Their speed and
defense ratings are much higher than usual when mounted.

We're not neglecting some of the other pet varieties either. While
we’ve raised the character level cap to 85, we had to do the
same to the pets and they have been adjusted accordingly. Baby Buffalo,
Baby Kookaburra and Baby Cougar owners will now also be able to evolve
their pets into “improved” pets once they are above
level 55. We’ve geared each of these baby pets towards a
general class type, and the baby pets will give buffs accordingly. For
instance, a Baby Buffalo will grant fighter-oriented buffs, while the
Baby Cougar grants buffs good for all classes. The higher the level of
the improved baby pet, the higher the number of buffs available.

Do you enjoy collecting
pets in-game? What's your favorite pet? Let us know on the forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016