Note that these changes haven't hit the main servers yet and are subject to change in the meantime, but do offer an exciting glimpse at what's in store in the near future. Let's just hope #13 isn't an unlucky number for server issues!

*** Test Server Update Headlines (Posted by Moorgard here!***

- Change your bind point to anywhere in your home city!
- Invite other players into groups, raids, and guilds when they aren't in the same zone!
- Sort your quests by the current zone for each quest step!
- Earn experience for your guild by collecting status loot!
- Learning tradeskills is made even easier with new artisan quests!
- Gain coin and better loot from defeating creatures!
- Guilds no longer lose status when members leave!
- Add a new hotkey to toggle between your two most recent targets!
- Lots of user interface tweaks and improvements!
- The quest completion ding is back!
- Mysterious activities around the mines of Norrath introduce our latest live event!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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