Browsing the forums, I came across this post by game designer, Vhalen, sharing some history and lore regarding Najena;

Najena was prominent mage of Neriak while she planned and plotted the construction of her soon to be sanctuary, a secret and sprawling laboratory she would call name after herself-Najena. She made secret trips out into Lavastorm to create the minions necessary to excavate and construct a subterranean citadel for her clandestine research. This research involved delving deeply into the arcane forces of the elements. She used the guise of research and gathering in the name of the empire to gain permission from the empire. While she created guardians for the Dreadguard, she also summoned elementals to construct her lair while she tended to her duties in Neriak.

This was a great read, and some nice background to the history of Najena. I'm a total sucker for good lore! If you love the lore too, then be sure to drop on by and give this post a look!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016