We've got a thing that's called "pixellated love"...

No, not you and me, calm down! Gosh. But the month of February, with Valentines Day right around the corner, brings thoughts of love and marriage. But do love and marriage belong in your online game? This month's "Tuesday's Take" at Vanguard - TenTonHammer will look into experiences of love and marriage in the virtual world.

The question's been popped, the date set, invitations set out and all the plans are in place. Nervously the bride and groom pace in their appointed places waiting for the guests to arrive and be seated. Sounds pretty normal, right? What if I told you this wasn't real, that it was all a game? What if I told you that two players in a MMO were joining, not their real lives and family, but two pixilated characters. Why would anyone go through all of this trouble for a game?

Do love, marriage, and MMOs go together like a horse, carriage, and poop bucket? Read our take on love and marriage at Vanguard - TenTonHammer, where every day is like your honeymoon. An all expense-paid honeymoon on a tropical island, that is. And you married the supermodel heir / heiress to a vast fortune. It's that good.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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