We have another guild posting for recruitment in our forums. Here's the skimmy for those of you who are interested!

This guild is meant for those players who wanna have fun but be a serious RvR guild, this guild is made up of experienced players from DAoC, WoW, CoH,CoV, Everquest, Guild Wars, and many other games. This guilds focus is to have fun but, be one of the best guilds on the game. This guild will be known as an Eight-man(but may have 2-3 full groups running) in DAoC meaning an organized Group of players with specific rolls. feel free to make the character you want, we will not limit what characters you are allowed to play(for example, you have to be a healer, you have to be a caster). No we will have enough characters to form those groups without limiting what characters you are allowed to be. We are hoping on having all our guild members at the max level as soon as possible. All the members of this guild are very friendly and willing to talk you though any problem in the game you may have. Join this guild and you will have fun yet be one of the best there is!!! Good luck! Everyone is Welcome!!!!!

You can see the forum post here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016