Magic the Gathering Arena: Top 5 Decks BO1(January)

"Best of One" is a different animal from traditional Magic The Gathering, and as such has it's own decks that do exceptionally well. 

Good decks must be able to win games, but they must also be able to play fast as the grind to Mythic is enormous: it took me about 400 games. These are the best of the best for January 2019.   

Updated: January 29, 2019 

#5 - Nexus of Fate

The deck that annoys me the most in the current meta. I don't like to play it and I really don't like to play against it, but give it's pilots credit, it gets the job done. This is not a fast deck, so it's climb is much slower than any other deck on this list. That said, it wins over 57% of its games. If you have the patience and the time. This might be the deck for you.  

Note: Chromium is a bit of a polarizing card. Your mileage may vary, so feel free to swap it out. 

#4 - Golgari Midrange

One of my favourite decks to play.   It's a very different experience each time you pilot it.    Much more unforgiving than any of the top 3 decks, Golgari Midrange can deal with pretty much anything that is thrown at it.  If your opponent lets Wildgrowth Walkers get out of hand then the snowball is unstoppable.  

#3 - Merfolk

I was hesitant to include this deck, but I really couldn't leave it out.This deck is easy to pilot and easy to build.   It will take you to Platinum without many hiccups, but you may need to put it on the shelf at that point. This should probably be the first deck you try to build as a F2P player who wants to grind your way up the ladder. It is great for many of the daily quests and oh, so easy to put together.  

#2 - Red Deck Wins

The deck that you will see the most comes in at #2 on our list. RDW plays fast and wins (in our case over 60% of the games).   You may or may not like Experimental Frenzy in the deck, but I did.  Mirror matchups can be awkward, but fun. Alternate cards depending on any meta shift are Shivan Fire, Lava Coil, Fight with Fire and Legion Warboss.  

#1 - Mono White Aggro

Red Deck Wins is the most popular deck in BO1 right now, but Mono Whte Aggro has a better winning percentage and plays just as fast. Right now this deck is King. If you want to make some adjustments consider subbing in a Toactli Honor Guard, Ixalan's Binding or Settle the Wreckage as you notice meta changes.  

Do you have a favourite deck?  What are you playing? Let me know!




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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019

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