Ten Ton Hammer recently focused our mutant telepathic powers on Marvel's Ed Chang and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Creative Director Jay Minn to learn the latest on this kid-friendly free-to-play coming in early 2011. We'll learn about newly revealed playable characters like Thor, the Human Torch, and Wasp, have another look at missions and gameplay, plus learn more about the built-in card game and player housing via Helicarrier. It's all in our latest preview of Marvel Super Hero Squad Online!

As of PAX Prime, Super Hero Squad Online had eighteen characters total, with more planned for launch. These characters are hot-swappable outside of mission areas, so you might, for example, use Hulk to über jump onto a roof, then swap in Thor or Wasp to take advantage of the flight points that connect rooftops around Superhero City. Players will get four characters for free at launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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