BioWare has new content for Mass Effect 2 players today with the release of its latest add-on Lair of the Shadow Broker. Players of the original Mass Effect might remember the Shadow Broker from one of the game's side-missions, where you're given the option to aid the Shadow Broker with information. However, in Mass Effect 2, the Shadow Broker is a big part of the storyline relating to one of Shepard's potential love interests from the first game, Liara T'Soni.

In a continuation of Liara's cliffhanger storyline in Mass Effect 2, players will have the chance to aid in taking down the Shadow Broker and continue Shepard's relationship with Liara.

Lair of the Shadow Broker is scheduled to launch today on the Xbox 360 for 800 MS Points and PC for 800 BioWare Points.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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