Warcry author Stephen "Weezer" Spiteri has added another article to the Mitra's Method series. The new entry is titled "The Rules of Engagement" and Weezer coves his view on PvP, the rules of engagement, and PvP etiquette.

PvP (Player versus Player [combat]) has been on my mind recently. I'm a fan of PvP, and while I wouldn't consider myself a "hardcore" PvPer, I still certainly get my jollies from fighting against another player, gripped in an epic wrestle, with each other's prides on the line as we deftly manoeuvre and muscle for a tactical advantage. There are then those fights where you might best your opponent with nothing more than a lucky roll of the dice, so to speak; a game of chance or luck, a bit like that fight scene you might have seen in a movie where the good-guy and bad-guy are locking horns and the fight seems to be going nowhere, and just when things are starting to turn in favour of the bad-guy, he's struck by lightning or delivered a final blow by a minor character, or something.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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