Ten Ton Hammer Blog Update for Monday, April 30, 2007

  • Messiah's Digital Haven- A Year With a Mac Messiah looks back over the year and at his choice.
  • So Your Wife Doesn't Game… - A Rock and a Hard Place Micajah throws his own opinion of the SOE / Sigil merger into the fire and hopes that he isn't drowned out by the millions of screaming SOE and EQ haters.
  • Told You So - Weekend Warrior Ralsu tackles the seemingly imminent acquisition of Vanguard by SOE in his latest blog. The only lingering question is whether his diatribe will be shorter than Brad McQuaid's!
  • Not Funny Ever… - He's Playing WHAT? Wow… Everyone and their uncle has played World of Warcraft right? Not Ten Ton Hammer's humorist Coyote. Even mentioning it to him brought forth eye rolls and jokes about your mother. After eons of coaxing, the day has finally come. We can't promise you this isn't an apocalyptic sign, but we can promise you some laughs. Join us as he begins his series on World of Warcraft.

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