An Interview with Monty Sharma and Rob Seaver of Vivox voicechat solutions: Vivox and the Future of MMO Voicechat

Since Vivox integrated rolled out to EVE Online gamers just last Thursday, we wanted a chance to speak with Monty Sharma and Rob Seaver, founders of Vivox, at GDC 2007. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Vivox over more "homegrown" solutions like Teamspeak and Ventrilo, plus where "voice font" voice masking technology will soon take MMO players. So will Vivox take "gender benders" over the line between the sexes? Is this question just plain over the line? Find out!

"Monty Sharma, VP of Product Management and Marketing / Founder of Vivox, stated that he was encouraging devs to treat voice fonts as a "design area." "There are about 8 million points of variance [in the human voice]," he stated, intimating that a very finite range of those sounds is something you can stand to listen to throughout a four hour play session. The idea is that a developer creates the "base transform set" for a racial voice, perhaps by an analysis of a voice actor's performance using bleeding-edge technologies, and then allows a player to modify that voice slightly by altering physical characteristics during character creation."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016