For all you Hunters out there when Mists of Pandaria launches this September there will be nine brand new rare animals that you can track down and tame as pets. These animals are considered hunter pet challenges and are there only for hunters to find.

This isn’t the first time that hunters have gotten some new rare pets, they got some in the Firelands patch in Cataclysm that were considered hunter pet challenges. To train those pets you had to do specific tasks for them to show up and train them.

This time around Blizzard has made slightly different again, but in many ways better. There are some really cool things about these new hunter challenge pets. For example, no longer will other players be able to track them down and kill them just for the fun of it. These animals are only track able by hunters and can only be spotted by following the tracks and putting up a flare.

Mists of Pandaria Hunter Pet Challenges

How do you go about finding these ultra rare would-be pets so that you can tame them? What is there to know about them? Here you go, all the details.

For basic information on hunter pets check this guide: Hunter Pet Information.

You can find them in the Mists of Pandaria zones by looking for tracks on the ground. The tracks can be hard to spot as they do not seem to be placed to match perfectly with the terrain. In fact they can be hidden under the ground, be slightly above it, or even under or on water.

Once you find the tracks you need to follow them, which can be a nightmare as they are far enough apart the it makes them hard to spot from the previous one. The paths are long, really long, as in winding across a whole zone.

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An example of the tracks you will need to follow.

If you loose a track, it might be because of zone phasing. This may or may not be resolved in time for launch and may in fact be intended. You might need to explore and quest through the whole zone before being able to track these rare animals down.

Currently most of the animals are found by following the tracks backwards, meaning when you find a track you head off towards the next one by moving from toes to heel off the track, which is well, wrong. Hopefully that will be fixed before the official release as well.

You find the animal by following the tracks and when at the end of any that you can see you use flare to spot the animal. This can be tricky to time, so the easiest way is to find the last track and wait for another to appear. Once it does fire a flair just a few steps in front of it. You should spot the animal unless it turned off right after the last footprint, in which case watch for the next and try again.

Once the animal has been flared and is exposed you should mark them so they do not disappear when they walk out of the flares area. Also be warned that marking them does not tag them, and once exposed by a flare other players can see them as well, meaning they could kill them off on you just to annoy you, or another hunter could train them before you do. Therefore make sure you tag it with a damaging attack before attempting to train it.

9 New Rare Pets for Hunters in Mists of Pandaria

Ok, enough about the pets and how to train them, what are the pets? Where do you find them? What are the tracks that you look for? All good questions which will be answered right here.

The Jade Forest

In the Jade Forest starting zone there are two possible pets that you can find, a white and black tiger and a grey and red water strider.

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The white and black striped tiger is obviously a member of the cat family and is called Savage. It is level 85 and can be found by following the bloody tracks. Savage patrols a path that flows from Sri-La Village south to the Arboretum, north-west up between Tian Monastery and Dawn’s Blossom, then south-west down to just west of the Serpent’s Heart.

The grey and red coloured water strider is an exotic pet and therefore can only be tamed by Beastmaster hunters.It is named Glimmer, is level 85, and leaves flooded tracks to follow. Glimmer can be found on a path that goes around the Arboretum south around the Temple of the Jade Serpent and then west to around the Nectarbreeze Orchard.

Valley of the Four Winds

The Valley of the Four Winds is another possible starting zone in the Mists of Pandaria and houses a single rare pet. That animal is Patrannache a bright pink crane, so that you can look like you have a plastic pink flamingo as a pet. Patrannache is level 86 and leaves barely-visible tracks to follow. The tracks can be found pretty much all over the zone from the Thunderfoot Fields in the east to Stoneplow in the west. Good luck with this one, its a really long and winding path.

Krasarang Wilds

The Krasarang Wilds is a jungle and swamp area and houses a single rare pet in the form of a dark crimson skinned snapping turtle with a dark grey/blue shell. The turtle is called Bloodtooth, is level 87, and can be found by following Muddy Tracks. The tracks follow the whole southern coast of the zone, and if not for the fact that they are in and across water much of the time, would be some of the easier ones to follow.

Kun-Lai Summit

In this mountainous zone hunters will be able to find and tame two rare animals. The first is a white and grey porcupine and the second is a light grey mountain goat.

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The first rare animal is one of my personal favourites out there, being accused of being stubborn and prickly helps this choice too, a small grey and white porcupine called Bristlespine. Bristlespine starts at level 88 and can be found by following the Puzzling Tracks. The tracks run around the southern edge of the zone in a long U shape that starts the ends near the eastern edge of the zone at the Temple of the White Tiger and Binan Village and the curved end near the Kota Basecamp to the west.

The other rare animal should be a favourite of mine as well, if you listen to my wife and stubborn comments, and is Stompy the white mountain goat. Stompy is level 88 and can be found by following the Heavy tracks through the mountains. Stompy’s path is a very winding path through the mountains from near One Keg to around the Shado-Pan Monastery.

Townlong Steppes

The zone of Townlong Steppes has a single rare animal located in it called Rockhide. Rockhide is a purple a teal coloured basalisk that is level 89 and leaves Worn Tracks. Rockhide’s path is one of the simpler paths that winds through the western parts of the zone from the Fire Camp Osul at the north to Sik’Vess in the south west.

Dread Wastes

The Dread Wastes is another zone that houses a single rare animal, this time a white and pale-pink water strider. Being a water strider means that Hexapos is an exotic pet and therefore tamable only by beastmaster hunters. Hexapos is also level 90, so you will need to be max level to tame it, and follow the Mysterous Tracks to find it. Hexapos has a very long trail to follow as it winds almost all the way around the outside of the zone.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

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The Vale of Eternal Blossoms houses my other new favourite pet as a hunter, a very asian looking temple dog that comes in various colours. Portent is a Quilen, which happens to be exotic and therefore again only trainable by beastmaster hunters, that is level 90 and leaves Dusty Tracks. This great looking pet wanders pretty much all across the zone from the wall at the western edge to the Mogu’Shan Palace in the east. This is another pet that will be hard to locate and tame.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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