Nothing is closing, merely moving

You may have heard a couple weeks ago about the creation of NCSoft West. At the time there was a lot of confusion and speculation about the status of the current NCSoft studios in the U.S., and the games that those studios supported. Now David Reid, the new President of NCSoft West has sat down to explain where things might have gotten misunderstood.

The long and the short of the situation is that, according to Reid, rumors of the death of NCsoft’s studio in Austin have been greatly exaggerated. And that they are more of a case of mistaken identity than anything else.

“There has been some misperception about the Austin office, which is still a very vibrant place with over 200 employees. Nothing has changed on that front other than the publishing headquarters which is primarily: marketing, sales, PR, some of those customer facing things are what is moving up to the Seattle office.”

This is all fine and good, and completely understandable. NCsoft has always had a bit of an identity crisis in terms of being a developer and a publisher at the same time.

This left open the question of the recent rounds of layoffs that we have been hearing about, leading fans and industry speculators alike foretelling doom.

In a story that has had a lot of confusion, this offers a lot of answers.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016