2D to 3D MMO?

After the stirring announcements yesterday about the pause in development for the Firefly MMO, as well as the start the Buffy MMO, left a lot of us with questions. Now some of them are answered.

It seems the Buffy MMO has already had a decent amount of work done on it, with a beta for part of it maybe available by the end of this year. It seems there will be two parts to the game, one a 2D flash version, and the other a full 3D experience. And it also seems like work on Firefly has advanced as well, though they're being frustratingly tight-lipped about it.

Has there been any pre-production or work done on the project at all?

CB: Yes. Wrapped up in this is unfortunately the reality that we can't talk about this project. I'm dying to say more, it's one of the great frustrations in my life that we can't talk about it. We were moving and grooving, and now we have to put the breaks on. Hopefully things will change.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016