This week has been the week for the Austin Game Conference. Several of our own EQ2 people are there, including the beloved Blackguard!

Carolyn Koh over at sat down with many of the SOE staff for an interview, snagging great comments from everyone on everything!

Ryan Shwayder, Community Relations Manager for EQII was happy to talk about the latest updates to the return of the Gods. “It’s going to add a lot of flavor to the game and it’s totally a player’s choice.”

He also informs us that there will be more Live Events that players can look forward to heralding the return of the Gods.

“Including,” Crosby quipped, “clapping your hands three times and saying ‘I believe in Tunare!’

On asking if the Gods can be killed, his answer was a flat “No.” He did elaborate that their Avatars could be killed but the Gods themselves? “You cannot kill a God.”

There is some nice little tid bits about Echoes of Faydwer in there! Give this all around great interview a read over at!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016