World of's German partner also caught up with Frank Pearce during his European tour and questioned him about the Burning Crusade as well, in addition to his thoughts on the longer term future of WoW.

One criticism has been the lack of 'casual content' at level 60 so you're forced to raid, are you aware of this problem and in the BC will you address that?

Yeh, we're certainly aware of the fact that people feel like their options diminish somewhat when they get to level 60, and that is really where want to leverage the winged dungeons. We want people to have content they can consume in whatever time they have available so that they don't feel they have to raid for four hours at a time. It's something we're aware of and something we want to address and hopefully some of the stuff we're doing the he BC will help with that.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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