The MTV generation goes (or continues to go?) MMO.

MTV's article My Weekend with World of Warcraft has posted a "day in the life of the Lich King" type article where the author walks the readers through the first 4-5 hours of being a Death Knight in the expansion.

Obviously the person is a WoW player (420 achievement points is nothing to sneeze at), the article is well written and I can envision the process the writer went through since I have completed that starting area few times now. It's always nice to find WoW players in other corners of the world.

After reading the article I had two reactions that led me to many random thoughts and gross generalizations. My first reaction to any mainstream media tackling an MMO is one of exasperation "they so aren't in the know." The second reaction I had was more of respect and a feeling of MMOs making one more little toe-hold into mainstream society. MTV is by no means mainstream (my parents still think it is a tool of the devil) but it is much more tied in with today's connected communities (i.e. teens and you whipper snappers younger than me!). But my musings are just a knee jerk reaction to a much larger question, namely, does the MMO player base want more mainstream players (I'm sure publishers do!)? That is a quantum leap from the article, but I'm curious if my fellow players want more XBox live players and smack-talking MTV Barren's chatter or am I generalizing and generally wrong? Or is it better for the whole market base to get larger and we'll just hole-up with our friends?

After your read of the article head over to our forums and let me know if I'm just a cranky old guy screaming at kids to get off his lawn, or maybe just maybe I have a point? Can we all just get along?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016