Online credit database to be created

You may remember the bit of flack last month when an anonymous tipster pointed out that Mythic wasn't crediting all developers on Warhammer Online. There was a bit of back and forth in the dialogue, but in the end, Mythic basically seemed to say tough - not changing.

Well, now it's changing. While the in-game and printed manual credits will still only belong to those developers working on the project at launch, there will now be an online credits database for everyone else as well. The International Game Developers Association seems pleased by this, and is working with Mythic to implement it.

"Unfortunately, when the previous newsletter was sent out, Mark, unbeknownst to the me, was quietly continuing to work on a new credit policy for the studio," writes MacLean. "Mark, I regret that my comments caused you personal and professional distress."

According to MacLean, Mythic will work with the IGDA, other industry history and credit sites and other interested organizations to establish a "credits feed" intended to promote fair and accurate crediting industry-wide. Jacobs will also consult with the IGDA's Credits Standard Committee on MMO-specific issues.

Well, I'm glad we got that all sorted out!

For more details, please check here

Also, to see Marc Jacob's take on the whole thing, check out his blog.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016