Maybe way back when online games were only a niche market.

Mark Jacobs (of Mythic Entertainment and Warhammer Online) is not afraid of the keyboard. He types from the hip so to speak. And now he blogs from the hip. Mark started a new blog yesterday and has since populated it with a few thousand words straight from the hip-keyboard. He responds directly to some forum posters (including our own Taea) and discusses what he meant by his comments to MTV.

"So, in an interview with MTV, I said that it was important for the MMORPG market for WAR to succeed. Of course, this point has been taken a bit out of context by a few people (no shock there) who seem to think I’m a bit full of myself or a way too proud of WAR. Actually, neither is true. My point regarding WAR’s importance to the MMORPG market is based on a number of things:"

What are those things you ask? Well they are numerous and well narrated. Stop by Mark's blog Online games are a niche market when you have some time on your hands. Mark spends plenty of time (and words) describing his opinions.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016