Ready for Auto Assault’s launch on 4/13?

Xerin, over at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer community site, has a brand new section called the Human Starting Guide. Thought humans were the "boring" race to play? Not so! Being the race least well suited to the wastelands but the most adaptive, humans have some very cool tech, not to mention a few tricks up their sleeve.

This guide goes over everything you need to know to start as a human, including the lore, information on hazard modes and racial abilities, and guides to the various classes. Be sure to check in soon for a full walkthrough of Ark Bay 313 and the Hestia Back Range!

To use your hazard mode, simply activate the /!\ hazard button in your lower left hand side, next to the INC button. Once activated you will have a short time with your new found incredible power. Drive into as many things as possibly, blowing them to smithereens. Let nothing stand in your path of justice, destroy everything possible. Once it’s down, it’ll be a long time before it’s available again. So make the most out of it.

Ride on down to Auto Assault at TenTonHammer to find out all that humanity has to offer you freelancer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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