Auto Assault forum regular Humphrey stands up to the plate!

Vocal beta tester, community member, and all around awesome guy; Humphrey joins us this week in our monthly community interview. Various topics are discussed, from the beta in its current state all the way to Auto Assault’s current balance. So why not join us for the insights from a seasoned Auto Assault beta tester?

Many people who test any game generally load it up and play a few times and quit. Others get involved in the game, as if it was retail. They play it forgetting that the entire purpose is to test it. Some on the other hand go beyond the call of playing video games, and actually do in-depth testing. They take their payment of game access and use it towards the betterment of the game. Auto Assault forum regular, Humphrey, is one of these fine community members.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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