Double sword action is coming soon to a game near you!

There's nothing quite like peeling back the cover of a new comic book or graphic novel and diving into the art, story and action that you've come to know and love. With the announcement of Issue 11: A Stitch in Time for the City of Heroes / City of Villains universe, I can't wait to get my hands on this latest addition to the game. For those of you who have opted for a melee based hero power, you're about to be granted a whole set of new abilities. Both the Dual Blade and the Willpower sets offer all sorts of new options for your Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers and Tankers! Ten Ton Hammer has grabbed the official document concerning the new City of... Issue and a selection of new screenshots as well. Enjoy!

Sometimes an assault rifle just isn't the right tool for the job, or character, especially when he or she should be using a sniper rifle instead. Players can now change their weapons in the same way that they change their costume parts! From within the costume creator and tailor screen players select the new "Weapons" region. A number of new options are now available for appropriate power sets. Current power sets that benefit from this upgrade include Assault Rifle, Mercenaries/Assault Rifle, Bow, Broadsword, Claws, Villain Claws, Dual Blades (see below), Katana, Ninja Blade, Mace, Robotics/Pulse Rifle, and Thugs/Dual Pistols.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016