DDO Tactics Guide for the Versatile Ranger

Gone are the days when all a ranger did was hang back and plunk arrows at enemies. In Dungeons & Dragons Online, the ranger is a one of the most versatile of classes, a veritable Swiss army knife who can serve as a scout, a ranged combatant, a back-up healer and buffer, and even a respectable melee fighter in a pinch. Aelasyl takes time out from DDO to offer his guide to ranger tactics:

The Ranger is a combatant by all definitions in DDO. The best base attack bonus (BAB), a good Fortitude save progression, and all the basic weapon, armor, and shield proficiencies means she is designed to fight. The only thing lacking is her hit points which are a bit on the low side in comparison, but she makes up for this with a good Reflex save progression. The Ranger can go wherever the party needs her. Frontline, rearguard, or ranged, she defines her place in combat based on the others in her group. Just like everyone else, the primary goal of the Ranger is to hit and not get hit back. Without medium and heavy armor proficiencies however, the Ranger should remain very mobile in combat. But she should also take care to set her feet before she swings, otherwise she will incur a -4 penalty to attacks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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