What is about zombies that we just love? Is it their cute and cuddly flesh eating habits or maybe it’s the way they shamble about seeking their next victim? Undead Labs knows that we have a strange fixation on zombies in our gaming medium and founder Jeff Strain is looking to capitalize on our love of brutalizing zombies by creating a console-only MMOG. EGM Magazine recently got the chance to experience what Undead Labs is cooking up in their secret laboratory and Game by Night has put together an excellent summary of the story.

The setting of the game is modern day and zombies have pretty much destroyed the basics of civilization. The story focus is more on how you deal with the aftermath rather than the initial zombie outbreak, so you'll have a strong focus on survival and attempting to reclaim certain areas to rebuild. I believe this direct quote sums up the world best:

“The game will not be ‘a canned, theme-park MMO,’ but rather a dynamic world to be reclaimed and rebuilt. That world is present day, just a few months from now…”

Players will need to gather resources and strengthen area defenses to help ward off zombie attacks. While I am a huge zombie fan and this does sound like something that would intrigue me, I'm still not entirely sold on the console MMOG concept. But I could be wrong and this could turn out to be a game that could shift the genre. Tell us what you think.

(Via Massively)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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