To Every Zombie...Turn, Turn, Turn

Okay, so twisting the lyrics from the old Byrds song is a stretch. The point is, the folks at Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) - Ten Ton Hammer have a new guide for you.

For a cleric, there's a certain joy in hearing a loud "clang!" and watching a rain of white light disintegrate a bunch of undead creatures in one fell swoop. If zapping undead (or at the very least scaring them silly) gives you job satisfaction, Zed's got the guide for you, offering advice on how to build a Turn Undead machine.

Turning undead can make it or break it in some situations. When a group is close to being overrun by undead a well timed and well placed Turn can send the undead scurrying away from the cleric, giving the group time to regroup and focus on a smaller number of targets. Or better yet, a powerful cleric could destroy countless low level undead turning the battle in a split second. Lets take a quick look first of all at how Turn Undead works

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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