In EverQuest 2 forums, the name Raijinn is not to be uttered lightly.

Raijinn Thunderguard, SOE's EQ2 Community Relations Representative, can strike fear into the hearts of even the most bold of men, and can humble even the most righteous of posters. But what happens when those who are brave - or foolish- enough to summon him from the darkness in which he sleeps...succeed?

The soft droning of a wordless chant fills the dark lair, its blackness punctuated by the sting of the foul smelling incense that hangs lifelessly by dull grey strands.

Five robe clad figures stand in formation within the chalk outline of an archaic symbol, inverted to draw upon the powers of evil, their voices as one as they provide the droning chant that begins their foul ceremony. At the bastardized pinnacle of the crude ruin the lead figure, his head crowned in wicked looking horns, steps forward, his voice a mixture of gravel and malice.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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