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Savanja, from the EverQuest 2 @ Ten Ton Hammer community site, has a new guide for the popular Splitpaw Saga adventure pack released last year. Welcome to Splitpaw, a fun and challenging adventure pack, full of danger and peril. Aid the Splitpaw gnolls in their stuggle, and they will reward you with their trust! And maybe a little mushroom pet or gnoll illusion?

Savanja brings to you the Splitpaw Saga guide, complete with quests and easy to follow maps that will make navigating those dark and dreary tunnels a breeze.

In the beginning, before the Shattering, Splitpaw was home to whatever tribe of gnolls were in charge at that time, the Torn Ear clan and the Splitpaw Clan come to mind but there were others. During the Shattering, after the gods had left Norrath, Splitpaw collapsed. Adapting to the new environment, the Splitpaw gnolls made due with what they had and also began a new practice that separated the strong from the weak… cannibalism.

Check out the Splitpaw Saga zone guide at EverQuest 2 - Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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