Are you ready for a blast to the past? Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced the official launch date for the new EverQuest Progression Server, Fippy Darkpaw. The new Time Locked Progression Server will open to players on February 15th, 2011. To help answer any questions you might have about the server, SOE has posted a new FAQ about what kind of content and ruleset will be in place for Fippy Darkpaw's launch.

Progression on the server is a combination of the older Progression Server rules coupled with a time lock. After a certain challenge or challenges have been met, a grace period will begin. At the end of that time, players will have a chance to vote on the opening of the next expansion.

As with the previous progression servers, players will need to defeat certain challenges to unlock newer expansions. Once these challenges have been defeated there will be a grace period where the server will stay in the current expansion. After the grace period, players will be able to vote through an in game poll to unlock the next expansion. The voting period will be one week.

Initially the grace period will be 90 days before voting will start for Kunark, then 60 days for each expansion after that. At some point we will even have a vote to see if players wish to change that grace period.

If the majority of players vote to unlock the next expansion, the next expansion will unlock at the end of the poll. If the majority of players voted to stay with the current expansion, then there will be a one week grace period before another poll will be posted. This will happen until a majority players vote to unlock the next expansion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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