You have Q, they have A.

The Fallen Earth team has held another Q&A session for their community members.

This week's answers will be a bit short because I've got to fly out to New York City this afternoon for the Virtual Worlds Conference. This week we're working more on the tutorial, balancing items and critters, plus working on the towns of Zanesville (the Enforcer stronghold for the Plateau) and Needle Eye.

We had a question previously about players being able to trade items between characters, and while we don't have a system for characters accessing the same vault (aside from clan vaults) we do have the capacity for players to mail items to each other.

Also the fast transit options haven't taken their final form. We've found some problems lately (characters took to long to get places so we made them run faster, but that made PvP too hard since people were nigh impossible to hit, so we decided to make horses and vehicles available sooner) that we're still working out in terms of travel, so once we get all those figured out the fast transit system will be sort of the last thing we do.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016