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In the latest World of Warcraft update, a whole new set of armor was introduced for each class. Seeing how many players are frantically searching for information on how to get this new set, we wrote the following guide:

In patch 1.10 Blizzard implemented an upgrade to the class set items available in the late game instances. This change is to allow non-raiders to put time and effort in to gaining access to epic quality items without having to raid. While the items are not as good as raid epics they are a decent step up in power from the tier 0 set items.

The quests for the Horde and the Alliance side are almost identical, as are the quests between the classes. The main difference is the main quest provider. For Horde the main NPC is Movkar who can be found in Thrall's Room in Orgrimmar, while the main Alliance NPC is Deliana who can be found in King Bronzebeard's room in Ironforge.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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