Whenever you enter a new game, learning the rules and challenges of the game is often the first priority. According to a recently unveiled dev blog, new players in EVE Online post-Apocrypha will find that they will have fewer starting skill points. The trade off? New players will be training skills much much faster than their aged counterparts.

Here's a snippet:

In Apocrypha, new characters train at double speed until they reach 1.6 Million SkillPoints. That is all.

These values were chosen so that an Apocrypha character catches up with a current character in about 6 weeks after which they will be equal in power. The estimation assumes the character has no implants or learning skills, both of which can decrease this time. This does mean that Apocrypha characters will have slightly fewer skillpoints for the first weeks but instead they are a lot more customizable. In a week they are likely to be better in a narrow field than the old ones due to their increased training speed. When they catch up they will be superior in a single function.

You can read the whole dev diary entry by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016