Not just pretty, but very functional too!

The website for Pirates of the Burning Sea has gotten a major overhaul. Instead of being designed by your normal IT guys, this was also designed by the game's UI designer and art director. The new website has a long list of functionality improvements as well, that's best explained by a long news post on the site:

We mentioned words like dynamic, community-focused, feature-rich, fluid, clean, fresh and interesting. We talked about developing back-end features and toolsets that would help highlight the best things about our community, while making sure we had a site that kept everyone in the loop regarding Pirates of the Burning Sea updates and developments. We wanted to give visitors to our site a direct line to hot topics, while making sure existing information was organized in a way that made sense and was easily navigable.

It took some iteration and some very late nights, but we finally settled on the design that you are seeing now. Here’s a breakdown of some of the new features on our site, including some information about the back-end tools we’ll be using to keep our community informed!

For the full "Welcome to Your New Website!" letter, please check the Pirates of the Burning Sea official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016