Tech meets art in boom of swanky convergence.

The latest tech journal from the Chronicles of Spellborn developers focuses on "organic programming," whatever that is. Find out in this article!

So far my dev journals have concerned the process of game development. The intention is to explain something about the human side of making games. As representative of the tech department I should really be talking about technical stuff. Boring stuff. Well of course I don't find it boring, but for you, the gamer, it usually has little relevance. Art, content and sound are the aspects of a game that need to be noticeable. Tech is at its best when it is not noticeable. Tech needs to make sure the art, content and sound is delivered without glitches, without delays and without obvious trickery that breaks the suspension of disbelief. Finding out how it is done can be like finding out the trick behind a magician's performance. A programmer is cursed when playing games, because he'll see through the tricks faster. Explaining here how we are going to trick you with spellborn is something I'd like to avoid. Luckily there's a class of trickery, which is so mysterious that I'll make an exception for it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016